Some may compare Natalia Kills to other female artists as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, a bit of Ke$ha and M.I.A. While those are some big league names, Natalia can definitely hold her own alongside them. Don’t mistake her as the next big thing though…because with her new album, Trouble, she has already arrived.


I like some songs by the other artists I referenced…some more than others. But, this album from Natalia Kills, I love in it’s entirety. It’s hard to pick just one song to be a favorite. In my first run through of listening to the album, I was like…”Wow! This is so good!!” then the next song would play, and I’m like…“OOH! Definite favorite.” followed by the next one…and well you get the picture. The beats are awesome. The melodies are infectious the way they get in your ear and travel all through your body. Lyrics that are direct, yet interesting, powered by her strong, distinct and beautiful voice…Natalia owns it. Badass. The last time I heard a full album in which I loved EVERY…SINGLE…SONG? Jeez, I can’t remember. It’s been too long.

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