I love this band. They are so effin’ awesome.

I finally got the chance to see them LIVE when they played at Smith’s Olde Bar in ATL earlier this week… I was so anxious with excitement in the hours approaching, I had to have a drink when I got there, just to calm my nerves. LOL. And I don’t drink!

Though I missed most of the opening performer, I was able to catch the last song from Atlanta’s own, Joshua Fletcher. I like what I heard, so I’m sure he’ll pop up on this blog in future posts. :)

Harper Blynn have been on a winter tour with David Mead, an incredible singer-songwriter out of Nashville. In fact, they wrap up that tour tonight in Philadelphia, before starting a residency in NY on Monday.

One of  the really cool things about seeing a show from this tour was getting the Harper Blynn experience from 2 different aspects. First, as the full band to David Mead’s performance… then, followed by their own show as the headliners. While I never listened to David prior to this show, I gotta say that I really enjoyed his songs. Of course, I was hearing them for the first time with Harper Blynn…and wow… just WOW…  I’m glad I got to discover David Mead’s music and I think he’s damn talented. But you’ll hear more about this part of the evening in a separate review.

So… let’s get to that awesome band from NY already… Harper Blynn are Pete Harper, J. Blynn, Sarab Singh, and Whynot (Yes. That is his name.)

Well, I’m a long ways from NY, or I’d be at their shows more often. After watching them on youtube for over a year to fill my need to see them LIVE… I finally got to experience the real thing. It was even better than anticipated.  Now it’s my pleasure to get to share that with you…

Harper Blynn performed several songs throughout the evening, and I’ll highlight just a few of my favorites. (HINT: Click on song names to view LIVE video or watch all of them on their video playlist HERE)  

They opened the show with Bound to Break, an awesome song from their self-titled EP, Harper Blynn (2010).

The Doubt“, a favorite from their first album, Loneliest Generation (2010) was also in the set. I think I like it even more after this performance.

Sucker andBusy Hands are ones I hadn’t heard before, as they are new songs for their forthcoming album. I like them both, but Sucker is probably my favorite of the two. It’s just got a really fun, upbeat sound and I love when they sing the line “I’m a sucker. I’m a sucker… a sucker for love…”

I REALLLLLY loved this one ballad in particular. However, I’m not sure what the name of it was… The chorus was “I’ve got time… I’ve got time…” J.’s vocals on this one are so beautiful… I actually teared up during this performance. I think it’s new and if it is, I REALLLLLY hope it’s on the next album. Check it out below…

See what I mean? Didn’t that just get you? Where’s my kleenex?

There was a lot of other new material they played. From what I have heard so far, it’s gonna make for quite an album.

Of course, they included the wildly popular cover of Beyonce’s Halo. And lastly, they wrapped things up with two more songs from their EP. Start All Over is one of my favorite songs…EVER and they closed with Models/Dancers. I was in heaven…

I was excited when I interviewed Pete a little over a year ago (Read it HERE). So you can imagine my excitement to finally meet him in person. I was even more ecstatic when I got to meet ALL of them and hang out for a few pics and conversation. (I tried to play it cool, but I’ll admit I was like a little girl jumping up and down on the inside…) Actually, they are really down-to-earth guys and easy to talk to. That just makes me love ’em more. :) I can’t wait until the next time they come to GA.

With two residencies coming up in New York and L.A., as well as a show in San Francisco… There is still some opportunity to check these guys out on stage. While they sound great on an album, they are mind-blowing LIVE. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who can get to one of their shows, to do so. Seriously…DO NOT MISS THEM!!!


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