YAWN spent a significant amount of time touring in support of their full-length LP Open Season. While many can assess that touring life is rather enjoyable, for a rising artist or group striving at achieving some sort of recognition, a life on the road can be rather exhaustive. For YAWN, the whole process was a sort of a kaleidoscope of intentions. Their latest EP Happy Tears, is a collection of songs reflecting those turbulent conditions.

The collection of jams – some moody and dark, some bright and upbeat, represents our perspective on the violent ups and downs of touring life. Languid, aimless day-dreaming, uncontrolled outbursts of zaniness, and all the fluctuating moods of life on the road inspired much of this collection.

The four members grew up together in the underbelly of Chicago playing in other bands before eventually transitioning into YAWN. In the sumer of 2007, the band traveled to Germany’s Taubertal Open Air Festival where they squandered all of their earnings and hired overpriced producers before learning the cardinal lesson of self-production.

 YAWN have a sound comparable to the likes of Yaesayer and Animal Collective. However, the group ushers in acoustic and electric guitar with a dreamlike composition forming an entirely new sound similar to the ambient tones of Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. The juxtaposition of guitar, atmospheric harmonies, and electronically experimental  layers forge a genuine sound rich in texture. For their video “Yum Yum“, off their LP Open Season, the band seem somewhat possessed by colorfully vivid 80’s-like visuals. View the video below. Open Season is out now via Englophile and Feeltrip. The free EP Happy Tears it out June 20th via Feeltrip

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