Imagine an evening stroll through a 1960’s Paris; your fine tailored suit, a fedora hat, possibly a cigar to complement this film noir depiction, and a well painted sunset as a backdrop. The scene then shifts, from a European setting to a well organized dinner party with suave attendees. These scenes are compatible with the sonic framework of Friend Roulette. With a quick glance at this five-piece Brooklyn group, one is not prepared for the diverse instrumentation and grand Parisian noise resonated by this band. The sound, comparable to the baroque pop sounds of Sufjan Stevens and Tom Waits combined, will catch you by complete surprise. The melodies are perfectly intertwined transmitting at times the sounds of two percussionist, clarinet, violin, and alluring harmonies. What is so enticing about Friend Roulette is their ability to lure you in to an almost paralyzed yet blissful sleep only to awaken you with an unpredicted but gentle thunder.

The group consists of Julia Tepper on violin and vocals, Matthew Meade on guitar and vocals, John Stanesco on bass clarinet, and Kyle Olson and Tiacael Esparza on percussion. Friend Roulette released their Hi, Hello EP on  May 15th and expect to release an LP soon. View the video for title track Hi, Hello below and catch them in Brooklyn between June 21st and July 20th.

We’re all friends. Summer of 2010, Matt got hit by a car and had about 2 months of recovery, writing songs on the pianowith one hand. Julia hung out a lot. They formed a band. Added john on bass clarinet & ewi. Added their 2 favorite drummers, kyle & tlacael, on percussion. Slowly alot of synths snuck in & paul hogan(from frances)made them record an EP & LP. Ep is free,LP is not yet released

June 21st Union Pool Brooklyn, NY

July 13th Littlefield Brooklyn, NY

July 14th Bar Matchless Brooklyn, NY

July 20th Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn, NY


Friend Roulette Website

Friend Roulette Facebook

Contact Brian Jimenez HERE

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