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Johnny Solomon of Communist Daughter has quite a history. In the mid 2000’s, Solomon had an adequate amount of success with his former band Friends Like These, earning several accolades and attracting the attention of various local music publications. With rising success came turbulence and downfall. Solomon struggled with mental health problems and drug addiction and eventually settled in a small town in Wisconsin presuming his music days to be over. Unfortunately, his problems followed and he began to write songs he assumed were to be his eulogy. Just when Solomon believed his days were plagued, he met singer Molly, who promised to sing with Solomon if he cleaned up.

In 2010, Communist Daughter released their first album Soundtrack To The End receiving positive attention from numerous publications, NPR, Pro-Tools Top 5 Emerging Artists, and even having two songs featured on Grey’s Anatomy. By the end of the year, Solomon was on the path to recovery and checked himself into rehab. Now Communist Daughter are preparing to release an LP, Lions & Lambs, a collection of personal songs dealing with addiction, regret, and recovery, on July 10th (via Grain Belt Records). So what do Communist Daughter sound like? Harmonic vocals with engaging electric and acoustic guitars that at times resemble alternative folk. The group is able to shift from densely textured pieces to stripped down acoustic songs conveying great lyrical depth. Watch the video for Speed Of Sound off Lions & Lambs below.

[Speed Of Sound] is about growing up and what that means. It’s about second guessing your choices, it’s about how everything that has a good also has a bad to it and about piling both of those up. When you go in one direction, you lose the chance of going in the other direction. It’s about how music changes as you get older cause it stops being a promise of what’s to come and starts being a reminder of what was.”

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