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Ohh, this is so beautiful. I first discovered the music of Antje Duvekot when she opened for Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) at a show in Athens, Georgia. (Read about it HERE.) Antje is amazing. Her beautiful voice, insightful lyrics, enchanting melodies instantly made me a big fan. If you missed it when we shared it on FB, she recently released this music video. What makes it so special is that she created it herself—DIY style—showcasing her additional talents and creativity. Enjoy!

For more on the amazing, Antje Duvekot, check out the links below:

Official Website

On YouTube

On Facebook

On Twitter

Looks like a cool creative project to be part of.

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Attention artists! We are planning a special print issue celebrating the diverse and wonderful visual art found in the indie/DIY music community.

If you are a musician who is also a visual artist, we want to hear from you, and potentially feature your work. Do you paint, draw, sculpt or create art in another interesting way? Let us know about it! Ideally, your art would represent something musical in nature, but this is NOT a requirement.


To have your work considered for inclusion in this issue, please follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Email with the subject line: Art Submission for Performer

2. In the body of your email, you must provide answers to the following. Keep answers brief (1-2 sentences, max).

Your full name:

Band you are in (write ‘solo’ if you’re a solo artist):

Name of the piece you’re submitting:

Year it was created:

Medium (example: oil on canvas):

What does this piece mean to you?

How does your art relate to or influence your music?

Twitter username:

Your URL:

3) Attach a hi-res JPEG or TIFF of the work you’re submitting, or provide a link at the bottom of the email where we can access a hi-res version (this method is preferred over attachments).

Submissions of low-res artwork or incomplete questions will be discarded. All submissions must be received no later than July 1, 2013. Show us what you’ve got!


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The Athfest 2013 Compilation CD is an absolute must have. If you haven’t already heard it, you should! And if you have…then you know why it’s so good. Make sure to pick up a copy at Athfest 2013 this weekend!

I pretty much love the whole album overall, but here are my absolute top picks to check out:

Darnell Boys
On Stage: FRIDAY 06/21
1:00am (Little Kings Shuffle Club)

Hard Times

Love that this is the album opener. It sets the tone for how good the rest of the compilation is. I love the relatable lyrics paired with the upbeat tones. Even though times can be hard, especially as we try to get through a tough economy, this song keeps from adding to the melancholy of the situation. Instead, I find it uplifting that while times are hard…this too shall pass.

Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy
On Stage: SATURDAY 06/22
4:45pm (Pulaski Street Stage)

Family Dinner
This song cracks me up with the intro. It’s a little misleading in that I think I’m about to hear some heavy rockin’ metal kind of stuff. The gruffness is instead, immediately followed by some awesome southern rockin’ female vocals. This song makes me wanna just dance! Good stuff!

King of Prusssia
I’ll Dance
I didn’t see anywhere in the venue list that they’ll be performing at Athfest. :( If I’m wrong, someone let me know!!! I’d love to see them perform. I missed when they played at the compilation’s CD release earlier this month. Still…it’s a beautiful song. R.E.M.’s Michael Mills is featured on keys is awesome, but female vocals as an accompaniment are like a hauntingly beautiful instrument all their own. They really enhance the lyrics, sung with such tenderness…seriously…I need some Kleenex.

On Stage: SUNDAY 06/23
4pm (Hull Street Stage)

The Getaway
I love the overall melody with the instrumental part about 2/3 of the way in…but it’s the storytelling in the lyrics that really make me love this one. So awesome!

The Warm Fuzzies
On Stage: FRIDAY 06/21
5:45pm (Hull Street Stage)

Yoo Hoo
The intro to this song already starts me off feeling warm fuzzies! I love the upbeat sound, with it’s nice mix of punk with some rock and pop thrown in. Fun to groove to, it’s catchy and will get in your head. I love it!

For a complete list of tracks, and more information about the album and all things Athfest, click HERE.

You can also listen to this album online, where it’s exclusively streaming HERE. ENJOY!!!
Then make sure to head to Athens, Georgia this weekend and see some of them perform LIVE!

Wristbands are only $20.oo and get you access to unlimited access to participating venues during the massive club crawl. PLEASE NOTE: Access is subject to age and capacity restrictions. Outdoor stages are FREE and don’t require wristbands. However, having one also provides discounted or free entry to affiliated events that are partnered with Athfest. Get yours HERE.

See ya at the shows!!