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I can’t get enough of this song, End of Times by Tourist Dollars.

The intro reels you in. The vocals got me hooked to keep on listening. Then the storytelling in the lyrics make me hit replay once it ends. I think I’m on my 4th or 5th round as I write this. Have a listen!

Tourist Dollars/Photography by Hannah Hawkins

Tourist Dollars/Photography by Hannah Hawkins

Looking forward to more songs from this new band out of Australia. Definitely check them out, and if you dig this song as much as I do, pick up the track via their Bandcamp site HERE. If this song is any indication of what’s to come, then I am definitely looking forward to the release of their debut EP in early 2016!


Like the title of this film states, this soundtack is DOPE.

I love this movie for so many reasons, but here we’ll focus on the music aspect.

A lot of old school 90’s hip-hop classics got me nostalgic with memories from back in the day. From Digable Planets, Nas and even some Naughty By Nature… to Public Enemy, Digital Underground, and A Tribe Called Quest…it was really hard for me not to sing along in the theatre.

Throw into the mix the music performed by Awreeoh, and man…this is one solid soundtrack. Didn’t know of Awreeoh back in the 90s? That’s because they didn’t exist back then. The punk band is actually part of the movie and made up of the main character, Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his two best friends, Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons). Their performances are so fun and energetic, and really, really infectious.  So, I wasn’t totally surprised to learn that the original songs were written and arranged by Pharrell Williams (who also executive produced). Still, the actors killed it by actually singing the songs and really rockin’ it hard! It makes me wish they’d go on tour so I can see them perform LIVE!

Enjoy this Awreeoh music video that compliments the film, without giving away any plot details.

You can check out the full playlist below courtesy of Spotify.

Rebirth of Slick – Digable Planets
Can’t Bring Me Down – Awreeoh 
The World Is Yours – Nas
Go Head – Awreeoh
Rebel Without A Pause – Public Enemy
Don’t Get Deleted – Awreeoh
Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest
Cocaina Shawty – Kap G
Poppin’ Off – Watch The Duck
The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
New Money – Buddy 
Hip Hop Hooray – Naughty By Nature
Dirty Feeling – LolaWolf
Home Is Where The Hatred Is – Gil Scott-Herron
It’s My Turn Now – Awreeoh

Some other songs heard in the film that don’t make it into the official soundtrack include:

Woo-Hah! Got You All In Check – Busta Rhymes
The Choice Is Yours – Black Sheep
Freak On A Leash – Korn
Bitch Better Have My Money – AMG
Slam – ONYX
Buggin’ Out – A Tribe Called Quest
Juice (Know the Ledge) – Eric B & Rakim

I think there are more, but these are what I can remember. Let me know what I’ve missed! As of this writing, the movie is still playing in select theaters. It’s a fantastic film with brilliant writing, stellar cast, and of course…one hell of a DOPE soundtrack! Don’t miss it!!
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Loving this song from the Divergent – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack!


“Fight For You” by Pia Mia and featuring Chance the Rapper, it’s an exclusive song to the soundtrack out on March 11. But you can check it out by listening below.


At only 17, Pia Mia was recently signed to Interscope Records. Her debut EP, “The Gift” was released a few days ago, on Feb. 20th. Enjoy the track, and for more on this talented artist from Guam, visit the links below:

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Last fall, my friend Daniel, aka Rainbow Ghost sent me his debut EP, Tell Us How You Really Feel.  I’ve been in love with this collection since I first heard it in late September.

Tell Us How You Really Feel (2011) is a great collection of songs and best listened to in order. On it’s own, each song provides the listener with an insightful view. Together, they have a more
in depth story to tell…

  • What Went Wrong? – “what went wrong with me? oh, what to do with myself”
  • Falling Apart – “no one wants to hear about when you’re secretly falling apart”
  • Brittle – “feels like I was born brittle, old and decayed…feels like I was born brittle, just made to break…”
  • Maybe It’s Time – “’cause I can’t just wait, and it won’t be fine…I could use a change, and maybe it’s time…”

While the lyrics lean on the sad side, the songs themselves convey a sense of reaching out to the listener…an effort to communicate. And that’s what turns, what could otherwise be an EP full of lonely and depressing songs, into an album of beautiful expression and understanding.

Listen – “What Went Wrong?”

The music has a kind of magic adventure feeling to it. Like you can close your eyes and be in some fantasy world far far away… disappearing from the sometimes not-so-great realities of life. Paired with Daniel’s gentle and intriguing vocals, this makes for a beautiful combination. However, it’s the juxtaposition of these elements with the melancholy-with-a-side-of-hope lyrics that really make this album so special.

I find it hard to believe that there hasn’t been a time we haven’t all felt like we could relate to at least one, if not all, of these songs. I went through a challenging and sometimes difficult part of my life in 2011. In addition to my usually busy lifestyle, I had lost someone I love to cancer and taken on more professional/personal projects, including building this new website.

Listening to this album was comforting and inspiring at the same time. I’m glad I am finally able to do it more justice than spreading the word via tweets and FB posts.

And that, everyone…is how I really feel. :)

Get this EP on cdbaby,  iTunes  or Amazon. It’s also available FREE at, but if you can spare the few bucks to support a talented and emerging artist, I encourage you to do so. :)

You can also find more RAINBOW GHOST on Facebook and on Google+