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I can’t get enough of this song, End of Times by Tourist Dollars.

The intro reels you in. The vocals got me hooked to keep on listening. Then the storytelling in the lyrics make me hit replay once it ends. I think I’m on my 4th or 5th round as I write this. Have a listen!

Tourist Dollars/Photography by Hannah Hawkins

Tourist Dollars/Photography by Hannah Hawkins

Looking forward to more songs from this new band out of Australia. Definitely check them out, and if you dig this song as much as I do, pick up the track via their Bandcamp site HERE. If this song is any indication of what’s to come, then I am definitely looking forward to the release of their debut EP in early 2016!


Like the title of this film states, this soundtack is DOPE.

I love this movie for so many reasons, but here we’ll focus on the music aspect.

A lot of old school 90’s hip-hop classics got me nostalgic with memories from back in the day. From Digable Planets, Nas and even some Naughty By Nature… to Public Enemy, Digital Underground, and A Tribe Called Quest…it was really hard for me not to sing along in the theatre.

Throw into the mix the music performed by Awreeoh, and man…this is one solid soundtrack. Didn’t know of Awreeoh back in the 90s? That’s because they didn’t exist back then. The punk band is actually part of the movie and made up of the main character, Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his two best friends, Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons). Their performances are so fun and energetic, and really, really infectious.  So, I wasn’t totally surprised to learn that the original songs were written and arranged by Pharrell Williams (who also executive produced). Still, the actors killed it by actually singing the songs and really rockin’ it hard! It makes me wish they’d go on tour so I can see them perform LIVE!

Enjoy this Awreeoh music video that compliments the film, without giving away any plot details.

You can check out the full playlist below courtesy of Spotify.

Rebirth of Slick – Digable Planets
Can’t Bring Me Down – Awreeoh 
The World Is Yours – Nas
Go Head – Awreeoh
Rebel Without A Pause – Public Enemy
Don’t Get Deleted – Awreeoh
Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest
Cocaina Shawty – Kap G
Poppin’ Off – Watch The Duck
The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
New Money – Buddy 
Hip Hop Hooray – Naughty By Nature
Dirty Feeling – LolaWolf
Home Is Where The Hatred Is – Gil Scott-Herron
It’s My Turn Now – Awreeoh

Some other songs heard in the film that don’t make it into the official soundtrack include:

Woo-Hah! Got You All In Check – Busta Rhymes
The Choice Is Yours – Black Sheep
Freak On A Leash – Korn
Bitch Better Have My Money – AMG
Slam – ONYX
Buggin’ Out – A Tribe Called Quest
Juice (Know the Ledge) – Eric B & Rakim

I think there are more, but these are what I can remember. Let me know what I’ve missed! As of this writing, the movie is still playing in select theaters. It’s a fantastic film with brilliant writing, stellar cast, and of course…one hell of a DOPE soundtrack! Don’t miss it!!
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Loving this song from the Divergent – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack!


“Fight For You” by Pia Mia and featuring Chance the Rapper, it’s an exclusive song to the soundtrack out on March 11. But you can check it out by listening below.


At only 17, Pia Mia was recently signed to Interscope Records. Her debut EP, “The Gift” was released a few days ago, on Feb. 20th. Enjoy the track, and for more on this talented artist from Guam, visit the links below:

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Some may compare Natalia Kills to other female artists as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, a bit of Ke$ha and M.I.A. While those are some big league names, Natalia can definitely hold her own alongside them. Don’t mistake her as the next big thing though…because with her new album, Trouble, she has already arrived.


I like some songs by the other artists I referenced…some more than others. But, this album from Natalia Kills, I love in it’s entirety. It’s hard to pick just one song to be a favorite. In my first run through of listening to the album, I was like…”Wow! This is so good!!” then the next song would play, and I’m like…“OOH! Definite favorite.” followed by the next one…and well you get the picture. The beats are awesome. The melodies are infectious the way they get in your ear and travel all through your body. Lyrics that are direct, yet interesting, powered by her strong, distinct and beautiful voice…Natalia owns it. Badass. The last time I heard a full album in which I loved EVERY…SINGLE…SONG? Jeez, I can’t remember. It’s been too long.

Get more of Natalia Kills at the links below:

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I can’t stop listening to this song. This newly released track from RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is HOT! The single “Let Go” featuring Kele and MNDR is catchy and fun. I’ve had it on repeat for the past half hour. Check it out, and if you love it as much as I do, make sure to add October 1st to your calendar! That’s when RAC releases an original debut EP through Cherrytree Records, called Don’t Talk To. This single is the first track on the album. You can pre-order it now HERE.


For more of RAC check out the following links:

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I’m sitting here previewing the latest from UNA and wow…just WOW. This 5 song EP, The Laughing Man is absolutely… incredibly…freakin’ amazing! The trio are Richard Larsen (keys), Jennifer Nice (voice), Eddie Barajas (turntables).

This is my first time hearing the band and their unique sound really can’t be compared to anything else out there right now. An eclectic mix of sounds…bits of jazz, funk, soul, electronica, downtempo, and turntables paired with hypnotically sensual vocals…makes this is an instant favorite. I also REALLY LOVE the storytelling in the lyrics. So, yeah…there isn’t really a genre that you can categorize them in. Although, I do think they reflect elements of my longtime favorites, Massive Attack and Portishead. So if you like them, you’ll love UNA.


This album comes out in just a couple days, so you won’t have to wait too long to get it…and I strongly recommend that you do. The official release date is Tuesday, March 5, and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. (Pssst…you can get it NOW at the bandcamp link HERE, where you can get individual tracks and check out the lyrics).

The Laughing Man EP
Release date: March 5, 2013

  1. The Astronomer
  2. We Are the Lonely
  3. The Myth
  4. Out of the Dark
  5. The Laughing Man

Don’t ask me to pick a favorite song, because I’ve been playing this album on repeat for a couple hours, and every time I listen to a full cycle, I have a different favorite. LOL. Seriously… Check out UNA. Get this album. The only reason I’m about to stop listening to The Laughing Man is to check out some of their earlier music.

BONUS! Enjoy this EPK Video below and hear firsthand a little bit about the band, along with a preview of their awesome music.

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If you are searching for slight resemblances of New God’s 2011 LP Motorcar your best bet would be a pre-Port Of Morrow Shins catalog or portions of a pristine Beach Boys era. However, for the full effect, you would have to go all the way back to Grandaddy’s Under The Western Freeway. The rustic sincerity is there, the striking vocals, and the expected lo-fi aesthetics. But New God unexpectedly trick us into believing this is all they have to offer us. As the album progresses, from the psychedelic pop intro of the album’s title track to the indie space rock track “mother,” we realize Motorcar’s pull is a genuine trustworthy approach. “Room In Arizona” portrays this perfectly with a sound reminiscent of something from Minus The Bear.

There is a distinct cleverness embedded into each individual track giving the songs something unique while remaining in accordance with a lo-fi indie pop fashion. Rarely can one discover these idiosyncrasies implanted into album in a candid way and it actually sound good. The album’s forthright approach is refreshing to say the least. After all, singer-songwriter and producer Kenny Tompkins spent nearly five years crafting this record.

The LP was released last year (Via Good Soil Records) and now the Frostburg, Maryland group is prepping the album for a 12″ vinyl release on July 17th. They have been working on other projects as well. At the end of January, the group released an EP entitled Silver Rings and in May they released the single Summer GirlNew God have already established a strong effective sound for such a relative youth. It will be interesting to see where the band goes from here. Watch the video for the title track Motorcar below. The band is currently on a US summer tour through July with Red Clover Ghost and Bishops. Purchase the album via itunes HERE and pre-order the 12″ vinyl HERE.

7/18 – Ormsby – Pittsburgh, PA +
7/19 – 123  Pleasant – Morgantown, WV #
7/20 – Dante’s (ALL AGES) – Frostburg, MD (5pm – 8pm) #
7/20 – Dante’s (21+) – Frostburg, MD (10pm) #
7/21 – Blue Moon – Sheperdstown, WV #
7/22 – Thought Lot – Shippensburg, PA #
7/24 – The Trocadero Theatre – Philadelphia, PA
7/25 – Lulu’s – Brooklyn, NY +
7/26 – Clementine’s – Harrisonburg, VA +
7/27 – Slim’s – Raleigh, NC +
7/28 – TBA
7/30 – Flicker Theatre – Athens, GA *

* W/Red Clover Ghost
+ W/Bishops
# W/Red Clover Ghost, Bishops

New God Website

Good Soil Records

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The Calm Blue Sea formed in 2007 and quickly debuted their first LP in 2008 to widespread acclaim enlightening listeners with their grandiose indie rock soundtrack approach. Following their debut, the band quickly immersed themselves in a creative venture; writing and performing a score for the 1924 Fritz Lang film Siegfried. Now the group are preparing for the release of their second feature. Arrivals & Departures, the new LP from Austin thematic rockers isn’t necessarily a departure sonically but a significant step towards self-identity. The strains of finances, touring, promotions, and lineup changes spawned a brief hiatus at the end of their second tour in 2009. In late 2010, Guitarist/vocalist Chris Patin, drummer Stephen Bidwell, and bassist Kyle Robarge reunited and filled the gap in their fragmented band with guitarist Taylor Wilkins and re-released their debut LP as a sort of final look back at their past endeavors.

“While crafting this record we lived outside of our individual comfort zones and challenged each other to shake free of the expectations of what our music is supposed to be. I think we’ve finally established our identity. Comparisons are inevitable but my hope is that if someone really listens to this record they’ll hear something unique.”

The new LP, due October 9th 2012 (Via Modern Outsider Records), combines their soothing, violent, and triumphant musical score structure with a steady accomplished maturity. View a teaser for Arrivals & Departures below.

The Calm Blue Sea Website

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The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance are solely responsible for monitoring any exportation or importation of media in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This includes phonographic discs, tapes, CD’s, written publications, films, pictures, paintings, etc. However, there does in fact exist some sort of musical export from Iran and The Yellow Dogs fall into that category even if their denunciation  by the Ministry of Culture in Iran brandished their musical efforts illegal in their own home country. The group gained  exposure in Bahman Ghobadi’s 2009 film No One Knows About Persian Cats, a documentary exploring Iran’s illegal underground rock scene. The band would play shows in underground venues with lookouts ready to warn others. In some instances, the lookouts were ready with a stack of cash to bribe the cops. Restrained to the underbelly of Tehran, Iran, the group teamed up with local band The Free Keys and began establishing a rock venue in Tehran, a haven for the underground music scene.

“It was an illegal venue, anything illegal was legal there: A dance floor, no veils, smoking pot, booze, whatever you wanted.”

Flash forward to Williamsburg, Brooklyn USA 2009 and the group are writing and recording their first EP In The Kennel in a squalid 4th story loft entitled “Hazy Kennel.” The Yellow Dogs were able to freely express themselves away from the restraints of a repressive republic. They slowly built up a fan base by word of mouth and began playing shows on rooftops, basements, living rooms, and lofts. Word of the band from Iran spread through the burrows of Brooklyn’s post-punk scene. In May of 2012, the band released their second EP Upper Class Complexity via NeverHeard Inc earning them greater recognition. There is something entirely different with the sounds of The Yellow Dogs compared to their predecessors who pioneered the post-punk genre. The group ushers in resemblances from their influences ranging from Joy Division to Gang Of Four but also bring in their own unique psychedelic dance-rock approach. Obash’s vocals and guitar carry a riotous and liberating feel while Koory and Looloosh construct the synth-punk and dance rhythms. The fact that The Yellow Dogs have conquered the constraints on artistic expression makes every listen so much more satisfactory. The band have already accomplished a great  deal for such a relative youth so it will be interesting to see what the future holds for The Yellow Dogs.

Listen to more from The Yellow Dogs over at ReverbNation and view the video for This City below. Download their latest EP Upper Class Complexity via Itunes.


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Johnny Solomon of Communist Daughter has quite a history. In the mid 2000’s, Solomon had an adequate amount of success with his former band Friends Like These, earning several accolades and attracting the attention of various local music publications. With rising success came turbulence and downfall. Solomon struggled with mental health problems and drug addiction and eventually settled in a small town in Wisconsin presuming his music days to be over. Unfortunately, his problems followed and he began to write songs he assumed were to be his eulogy. Just when Solomon believed his days were plagued, he met singer Molly, who promised to sing with Solomon if he cleaned up.

In 2010, Communist Daughter released their first album Soundtrack To The End receiving positive attention from numerous publications, NPR, Pro-Tools Top 5 Emerging Artists, and even having two songs featured on Grey’s Anatomy. By the end of the year, Solomon was on the path to recovery and checked himself into rehab. Now Communist Daughter are preparing to release an LP, Lions & Lambs, a collection of personal songs dealing with addiction, regret, and recovery, on July 10th (via Grain Belt Records). So what do Communist Daughter sound like? Harmonic vocals with engaging electric and acoustic guitars that at times resemble alternative folk. The group is able to shift from densely textured pieces to stripped down acoustic songs conveying great lyrical depth. Watch the video for Speed Of Sound off Lions & Lambs below.

[Speed Of Sound] is about growing up and what that means. It’s about second guessing your choices, it’s about how everything that has a good also has a bad to it and about piling both of those up. When you go in one direction, you lose the chance of going in the other direction. It’s about how music changes as you get older cause it stops being a promise of what’s to come and starts being a reminder of what was.”

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