The Calm Blue Sea formed in 2007 and quickly debuted their first LP in 2008 to widespread acclaim enlightening listeners with their grandiose indie rock soundtrack approach. Following their debut, the band quickly immersed themselves in a creative venture; writing and performing a score for the 1924 Fritz Lang film Siegfried. Now the group are preparing for the release of their second feature. Arrivals & Departures, the new LP from Austin thematic rockers isn’t necessarily a departure sonically but a significant step towards self-identity. The strains of finances, touring, promotions, and lineup changes spawned a brief hiatus at the end of their second tour in 2009. In late 2010, Guitarist/vocalist Chris Patin, drummer Stephen Bidwell, and bassist Kyle Robarge reunited and filled the gap in their fragmented band with guitarist Taylor Wilkins and re-released their debut LP as a sort of final look back at their past endeavors.

“While crafting this record we lived outside of our individual comfort zones and challenged each other to shake free of the expectations of what our music is supposed to be. I think we’ve finally established our identity. Comparisons are inevitable but my hope is that if someone really listens to this record they’ll hear something unique.”

The new LP, due October 9th 2012 (Via Modern Outsider Records), combines their soothing, violent, and triumphant musical score structure with a steady accomplished maturity. View a teaser for Arrivals & Departures below.

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