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Imagine an evening stroll through a 1960’s Paris; your fine tailored suit, a fedora hat, possibly a cigar to complement this film noir depiction, and a well painted sunset as a backdrop. The scene then shifts, from a European setting to a well organized dinner party with suave attendees. These scenes are compatible with the sonic framework of Friend Roulette. With a quick glance at this five-piece Brooklyn group, one is not prepared for the diverse instrumentation and grand Parisian noise resonated by this band. The sound, comparable to the baroque pop sounds of Sufjan Stevens and Tom Waits combined, will catch you by complete surprise. The melodies are perfectly intertwined transmitting at times the sounds of two percussionist, clarinet, violin, and alluring harmonies. What is so enticing about Friend Roulette is their ability to lure you in to an almost paralyzed yet blissful sleep only to awaken you with an unpredicted but gentle thunder.

The group consists of Julia Tepper on violin and vocals, Matthew Meade on guitar and vocals, John Stanesco on bass clarinet, and Kyle Olson and Tiacael Esparza on percussion. Friend Roulette released their Hi, Hello EP on  May 15th and expect to release an LP soon. View the video for title track Hi, Hello below and catch them in Brooklyn between June 21st and July 20th.

We’re all friends. Summer of 2010, Matt got hit by a car and had about 2 months of recovery, writing songs on the pianowith one hand. Julia hung out a lot. They formed a band. Added john on bass clarinet & ewi. Added their 2 favorite drummers, kyle & tlacael, on percussion. Slowly alot of synths snuck in & paul hogan(from frances)made them record an EP & LP. Ep is free,LP is not yet released

June 21st Union Pool Brooklyn, NY

July 13th Littlefield Brooklyn, NY

July 14th Bar Matchless Brooklyn, NY

July 20th Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn, NY


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YAWN spent a significant amount of time touring in support of their full-length LP Open Season. While many can assess that touring life is rather enjoyable, for a rising artist or group striving at achieving some sort of recognition, a life on the road can be rather exhaustive. For YAWN, the whole process was a sort of a kaleidoscope of intentions. Their latest EP Happy Tears, is a collection of songs reflecting those turbulent conditions.

The collection of jams – some moody and dark, some bright and upbeat, represents our perspective on the violent ups and downs of touring life. Languid, aimless day-dreaming, uncontrolled outbursts of zaniness, and all the fluctuating moods of life on the road inspired much of this collection.

The four members grew up together in the underbelly of Chicago playing in other bands before eventually transitioning into YAWN. In the sumer of 2007, the band traveled to Germany’s Taubertal Open Air Festival where they squandered all of their earnings and hired overpriced producers before learning the cardinal lesson of self-production.

 YAWN have a sound comparable to the likes of Yaesayer and Animal Collective. However, the group ushers in acoustic and electric guitar with a dreamlike composition forming an entirely new sound similar to the ambient tones of Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. The juxtaposition of guitar, atmospheric harmonies, and electronically experimental  layers forge a genuine sound rich in texture. For their video “Yum Yum“, off their LP Open Season, the band seem somewhat possessed by colorfully vivid 80’s-like visuals. View the video below. Open Season is out now via Englophile and Feeltrip. The free EP Happy Tears it out June 20th via Feeltrip

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The Eastern Sea

Very few times are you are able to discover an enticing sound that is smooth and textured while delicately pleasing to the ear. This could be said about the The Eastern Sea. The group began as a small bedroom-project by lead vocalist Matthew Hines in Austin, Texas before he decided on adding more members in 2007, eventually becoming a seven-piece band. They recorded their first self-titled LP in October of 2009 and in 2010, The Eastern Sea began writing Plague, their first full-length LP, changing production style from individual track pieces to a live stream to tape.

Compared to their previous self-titled LP (2009), the The Eastern Sea have grown from a group with an almost depleted compisition  to a band who have completely matured, brimming with a resonant sound. It definitely shows in their latest single “A  Lie” off their upcoming full-length LP Plague. From the beginning and throughout, the guitar and piano melodies are constantly luring and appealing which at times bear resemblances  of an electric-folk pop duo. A second listen, and one begins to hear a greater depth of musical arrangements which would consists of more than just a duo or trio. The sounds are faultlessly interwoven, producing a delicately appealing yet concentrated and harmonious texture of sounds and voices.

Matthew Hines

In the Brittany Washington directed video for “A Lie“, the band are providing us with a step-by-step process for brewing beer, simply entitled Brewing 101. After an informative 13 step visual for beer brewing, the band proceeds to “set fires” before closing out rule number 15 with “repeat.” The band are currently on a US tour through june and july in support of their up-coming LP Plague. View the video for “A Lie” below.


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